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End users

The following End-users organisations are the members of the consortium:


The Central Unit of Special Systems is a unit of the National Police which depends of the Technical and Economic Division, created in 1985 to research on technical solutions for the most complicated and important police, which conducts the CNP, anywhere the national territory, including regions that are autonomous police. Employs 200 people, most of them telecommunications technicians, audio, video and other electronic surveillance. All of them are controlled and led by various different engineering graduates. The field of action of this unit are the electronic surveillance and search and adjustment of any equipment, incorporating new technologies can be applied to police investigations to be more effective and, if possible, efficient.

The Spanish Guardia Civil is a part of the State’s Defence & Security Corps and takes part of Security Bodies in Spain. As one of the national agents with responsibilities on security, the Spanish Constitution establishes as their prime mission to protect the free exercise of the rights and liberties of the Spanish people and guarantee security of the citizenship, all of it under the responsibility of the Spanish Government. As a Police Force it performs general tasks like Public Security and Order, Criminal Police, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and also Administrative Police. Guardia Civil do also specifics tasks like Border & Customs Police, Road Traffic Police – interurban, Firearms and explosives control, Coastal security, Security of certain building and Environment and Nature protection Guardia Civil has developed various investigation initiatives like systems and data bases, which has been contributed to lute counter terrorism and organized crime.


The Israel national Police (INP) is under the Ministry of Public Security. It is a professional force, comprised of some 30,000 sworn officers reinforced by 50,000 Civil Guard volunteers. The INP is the only police organization in Israel and therefore its work includes all aspects of conventional policing, from the local through the national levels. Its work is guided by the values and principles of the democratic government of the state of Israel. The task of the INP is to maintain the quality of life, law enforcement and enforcement of traffic regulations, as well as providing guidance on preventive measures for the safety and protection of the population. The INP is responsible for: public security, maintaining public order, securing public events and rallies, riots & crowd control situations, dealing with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), crime fighting, detective work, covert operations, intelligence, investigating suspects, traffic enforcement, operating the Civil Guard, handling youth violence, educational programs and other community related activities.


Within the project timeframe a group of experts in security will be set up as advisory council to the project. It will include European law enforcement agencies.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285144.